Creating value through technologies

ORG offers a unique combination of exploration de-risking technologies for hydrocarbon detection. Improving success rates for our clients around the world, these methods are rapidly developing an increasing demand. IP methods has been used for hydrocarbon exploration since 2003 and more than 40 000 line km of data has been collected and analysed with equally convincing results as found on the Norwegian Continental Shelf


Technology strategy

ORG shall always use a technology challenge as an opportunity to improve our service and on a continuous basis develop our methods to ensure that our clients receives the best possible groundwork for their decision making two out of three of today’s frontier exploration wells are not successful in meeting their original objectives because of unexpected geology or unanticipated hazards.
These issues may significantly increase the cost of finding hydrocarbons and challenge a project’s economic viability. Development of new workflows and processes to better understand the petroleum system of an area, and improvement and development of new non-seismic exploration methods and processing techniques help to reduce the uncertainty of exploration.


ORG has in-house competences to take the idea through concept, design, calculations, final design and fabrication

ORG can provide subsea intervention and project management services to the international offshore Oil & Gas and the Renewable Industries


Seismic experience combined with subsea technology/ROV experience making ORG seismic services unique in the exploration industry.

Geochemical Services

ORG has over the last years developed and tested a new marine geochemical sampling system that enables our clients close real-time exploration results. The new method offers ultra high sensitivity to hydrocarbon detection in the seabed


ORG have extensive experience from marine and subsea operation, and can offer our clients competitive and efficient solutions for most maritime projects.


ORG offers high resolution Hydrographic Service for inshore and offshore project.

Induced Polarization (IP)

Induced polarization (IP) is a geophysical imaging technique used to identify the electrical chargeability of subsurface materials, such as mineralization caused by vertical hydrocarbon migrations.

Microbiological survey

Indirect hydrocarbon verification with state of the art microbiological sampling and analysis in combination with direct hydrocarbon analysis provides unique in-depth interpretation capabilities.

Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM)

Offering towed streamer CSEM technology with deep penetration and operational benefits.