Jan Roger Schønning
General Manager

T: +47 400 06 605
M: jrs@o-r-g.no

Geochemical Services

We offer a closed seabed sampling system acquisition for onsite detection of light hydrocarbons (report within 7 days of measurements). 

The existence of anomalous values of light hydrocarbons at the surface above oil and gas reservoirs have been known, observed and analyzed for decades (Horvitz, 1985). Now, with our own developed technology coupled with highly sensitive analytical instruments, we can obtain surface hydrocarbon data faster and cheaper than ever.

A standard light hydrocarbon survey is a surface geochemical method of analyzing light hydrocarbons (C1-C5) expressed at the surface. In our application, we measure and quantify the hydrocarbons expressed on the seafloor, up to C18.
ORG has developed a time and cost effective way of obtaining hydrocarbon concentration data on the seafloor. By implementing on site continuous analysis of the seafloor, high sample density and outstanding area coverage are ensured. Costs are reduced substantially by removing the need for sample storage, shipping and analysis at land based laboratory.

The method measures hydrocarbons directly, and can therefore directly confirm the presence of petroleum related hydrocarbons. By integrating the survey results with geologic and geophysical data from the area, it becomes a valuable tool for evaluation and prediction of subsurface hydrocarbon accumulations.