Jan Roger Schønning
General Manager

T: +47 400 06 605
M: jrs@o-r-g.no

Induced Polarization (IP) & Spontaneous Potential (SP)

We offer marine Induced Polarizaton (IP) acquisition, processing and inversion/interpretation. Our track record on predicting hydrocarbons in prospects pre-drilling is above 80%.

The processed and inverted IP data is self-explanatory; warm colours (red-orange-yellow) equals to high polarizability (or chargeability), normally found above hydrocarbon filled reservoirs. Cold colours (blue-green) equals to low chargeability found in areas of no hydrocarbon presence.

Induced Polarization effects can be found everywhere, however what ORG is looking for is areas with higher Induced Polarization effect than the relative background level. It is therefore required to design the Induced Polarization surveys to cover sufficient areas to establish a reliable background level, in addition to the areas covering the potential prospects, to determine the relative contrasts used to identify areas of interest.