Jan Roger Schønning
General Manager

T: +47 400 06 605
M: jrs@o-r-g.no

Hydrographic Survey (MBES)

71% of the Earth surface is covered with water, yet only about 10% of the seafloor has been surveyed by echosounders at a resolution of 1 nautical mile or better. Multibeam survey is a highly efficient and accurate solution for seabed mapping, with a swat coverage up to 5 x the sea-depth, and efficient data-collection at speed’s up to 6 knot, it is the optimal tool.

Gas Seeps
The Multibeam sonar is an excellent tool to detect gas seeps arising in the water column from the seafloorfor. The sonar images also provides detailed images of the seabed and can easily revile useful exploration information such as pock-marks.

Multibeam services:
  • Mapping of seabed in high resolution.
  • Pipeline and Cable survey, inkl route planning & as-laid survey.
  • Survey of moorings and anchor points.
  • Detailed survey of underwater structures.
  • Landfill, Excavation and Volume-calculation.
  • Harbor inspection & mapping.
  • Item detection & wreck survey.
  • Reporting, Visualization & Documentation.